Thursday, June 25, 2015

Dirty Liquid Soap

Did you know bacteria can grow in anti-bacterial soap?

What’s in your refillable soap dispenser?

More than a year ago, I bought a cute bathroom accessory pack. This included a shower curtain, matching hand towels, a tissue holder, and, yes, a refillable soap dispenser.

Bathroom Set

I used the same store brand liquid soap for years. It was inexpensive, anti-bacterial, and the fragrance not too harsh. Win-win all the way around, right?

Wrong. After more than a year of simply refilling said dispenser, one day it happened. What should have come out with the standard golden color and thick consistency, had turned yellow and, well, runny. I emptied the soap into a glass and found this.

Dirty Liquid Soap


I turned to Google for help. There are only a few articles that resulted in my Google search on “bacteria in liquid soap”, and they centered on commercial properties, but here’s one.

I’d always presumed that anti-bacterial soap could not grow bacteria. Well, you learn something new everyday.

My house, while not white glove clean, is guest-ready at all times. So, this took me by complete surprise. There are four soap dispensers in my house. You can be your sweet self that each and every one has been emptied, the pumps and canisters bleached, and, should I choose to keep them for another year, they will be on my list of spring cleaning henceforth and forevermore.

When's the last time you cleaned your soap dispenser?