Sunday, September 28, 2014

Friends of Writers

Friends of Writers

A friend and I were visiting recently. Just before she left, I remembered that I wanted to borrow something from her. I said, "Hey, do me a favor?"

Well, you know you're a struggling new writer when you say that to a friend, and they answer, "Write a review?"

Yeah, that actually happened. I've got to stop bugging my friends.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Corporate Manipulation

One Wednesday night, my family and I decided to go to Miller's Ale House for dinner. At the front door of the restaurant stood a chalkboard with an advertisement for a $14.95 whole steamed lobster. After being seated, we placed our drink order with the waitress for three waters and one beer. When she brought our drinks, we each ordered the steamed lobster special.

The food was delicious, but the service was mediocre to poor. After waiting an extended period of time for the check, the waitress became over friendly. As she chatted my husband up about where he was from, telling our daughter in law how cute our grandchild was, and how she hoped to see us again soon, I signed the tab without audit. We hadn’t seen this server more than twice throughout the meal (we placed an order for dessert with another server) and I felt certain her overture (and purple lines and hearts drawn on the bill) were to gain a greater tip.

The next day, I audited the receipt. 

We had been charged two dollars each for not ordering a beverage. I went back to the restaurant and spoke to the manager. He said the charge was corporate policy. Later, when I spoke to the corporate rep on the phone, he confirmed, it was corporate policy. He did apologize for the server not explaining the charge at the time of ordering. The lobster dinner is $16.95, you see, if you don’t order a drink. By the way, a soda is $2.69. I was told the firm had to "defray the cost of not ordering a drink." He also apologized for the information not being on any of the advertisements. 

It's not the four dollars. If I had been told there was a two dollar charge for water, I would have bitched, but I would have paid it. I prefer to drink water with my meal.

But this is corporate greed at its finest.

Moral of the story: audit your receipt.


I've been informed by Miller's corporate office that this is no longer the policy. So, there's that.

I'd still audit the receipt. I mean, what's next? Bathroom surcharge?