Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rain Continues to Pour

Today (June 2012), Florida is being battered by a tropical storm named Debby. The wildfires in Colorado, Utah and other Rocky Mountain states need a storm like Debby a hell-uv-a lot more than the Florida swampland this year.

I’m in Central Florida, and we are being drowned. Not as bad as some, true, but worse than others. So, as I sit watching the trees bend to near-breaking in the gusts, and the rain pelt my windows with near-shatter impact, I envision the weekend. That’s when the weather folks say the storm should be subsiding.

We’ll see.

I had special fun with this because I’ve written it with a convoluted cadence, meter be damned! I wanted to drive everyone else as crazy as I feel!

4          Weather charts warn
4          this awful storm
9          will be beating us for a while.

5          But if we hold fast
5          the system should pass,
9          then the sun on us it will smile!

6          Rain continues to pour,
6          tries to come through the door.
9          Our pool can hold no more water.

7          So when the sun it breaks through,
7          I will expect to see you
9          as the temps grow hotter and hotter.

6          In the sun we will play.
6          We’ll enjoy the whole day,
9          with PBR to Dom PĂ©rignon.

5          Then the sun will set,
5          with swimsuits still wet.
9          I understand, you have to move on.

4          But I’ll stay here,
4          with my cold beer,
9          to celebrate this storm being gone!