Monday, April 2, 2012

The Memory Eater

Subject:  "Please support my writing on Kickstarter!"  

 Hello All!

I'm excited to share with you the news of a creative project I'm involved with—a fiction anthology called The Memory Eater: Stories that Erase the Past to Save the Future, created and edited by Matthew Hance.  The science fiction-inspired anthology consists of 27 uniquely written and illustrated stories based on a futuristic device with the ability to locate and destroy any memory in the human mind.  The concept—that everybody wants to forget something, don't they?—is intriguing, as is the format.  Each of 27 authors wrote an original story around the concept, and 27 artists contributed a companion original piece of art for the stories. My story, "Paint" was accepted for inclusion in the anthology.

The anthology was pitched to select publishers with positive feedback, but ultimately, Matt decided to take advantage of the evolving book publishing landscape and retain control over the book publication and distribution by raising the funds to self-publish.  Today marks the launch of the fundraising campaign to raise funds to publish The Memory Eater, which is ready to print right now!

Kickstarter is a unique Internet funding platform for creative projects by writers, musicians, artists, designers, filmmakers and visionaries of all kinds.  Artists post an in-depth profile of their creative work and ask interested people to pledge a donation over a short period to reach a funding goal.  If the goal is reached, the pledges are funded, and the artist can help bring their creative project to life. 

Please visit The Memory Eater fundraising campaign at and support my story. The page includes a project introduction video, story and art samples and links to several contributor web sites.  The platform offers several pledge levels ranging from $1-$300 with rewards attached to each donation.  Rewards run the gamut from written acknowledgement in the anthology, to free books, to bookmarks and T-shirts, to custom created, artist-signed The Memory Eater artwork on canvas.  Pledges are not collected (via PayPal or credit card) unless and until the project goal of $4,250 is reached in the 40-day campaign period.

The Memory Eater's Kickstarter campaign runs through May 12, 2012.  For further information about The Memory Eater anthology, visit Hance's blog at;; and Twitter at @TheMemoryEater.

Thank you for checking out the campaign and for your support of my work!

j l mo

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