Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Couple Fights

A Couple Fights

While working on my third installment of McShane Mini-Mystery, I wrote this interaction between two characters. It may not make the cut, but I felt it needed to be put somewhere.

A couple fights
each tries to shout over the other to be heard
Voices and tension rise
Boy throws something at girl
it smashes against the wall, missing by a few feet
Boy is shocked he threw that, but continues to scream his argument
Girl is aghast, runs when her senses return
she reaches room, slams door, locks it to keep violence out
Boy knocks hard on door
feeling embarrassed, he begs girl for forgiveness
said if he wanted to hit her with it, he would have
It was just a stupid impulse.
she doesn’t answer
he pounds harder at the door, frustrated
she screams to go away
he pounds harder
she screams in frightened anger
the interior door succumbs to the brute strength thrown against it
it flies open
she screams in terror
he sees her fear as he approaches, tries to calm her with palms raised
she extends her own hand, shouts not to come nearer
he grabs her wrist, implores her to stop screaming, to hear him
She struggles. Against his strength, against the immobility, against the pain of his grip
he grips harder
Why won’t she just listen?
She screams again, hoping for mercy, praying for rescue
He watches her writhe as his ears ache from her screams
his throat is sore from trying to reach her
his anger pushes aside patience
Why won’t she just listen?
her scream is cut off by the back of his hand
in shock, he releases her
she crumples to the floor, tasting blood
he scolds himself
he didn’t mean to do that
he only wanted her to listen to what he had to say
she’s quietly sobbing now
but it doesn’t matter
he’s too embarrassed that he lost his temper
to exhausted to pursue the fight anyway
What were they fighting about?
He kneels to comfort her, to apologize
she slaps his hand away
he stands, rebuffed
resisting the urge to kick her, he leaves
before doing something he’d really regret

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