Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A New Truism

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I was telling my husband about an experience I had with a fellow Publix shopper today, and he said, "Isn't it amazing how easily offended offensive people can get?"

Let me share the full story with you …

I went to my local supermarket, Publix, yesterday. I needed to find a birthday card for my daughter-in-law, and pick up a few groceries. It was around four in the afternoon, and I had an hour to kill, so I was in no hurry.

I’d picked up three of the five items on my list when I came to the greeting cards. The aisle was empty, so I had them all to myself. Locating the appropriate section, I began perusing. After looking at two or three of them a woman, trailed by two boys and one girl, approached the same section. None of the four acknowledged my presence, even though the woman reached for the card right in front of me. I stepped back, as the children began racing one another down the otherwise empty expanse of card-lined walkway. I did a quick sidestep to avoid a collision with one of the children, who did not offer any form of apology.

When two other women arrived, blocking the aisle with their carts, I decided to leave the area and go get the last item on my list. I would return to the cards afterward. These people would surely be done and gone by then.

No such luck. When I returned everyone still remained in the exact spot as when I left. I decided one of the cards I’d picked earlier would suffice. I reached the area only to be blocked by the girl-child. I tapped the young lady on the shoulder. She whipped her head toward me in shock, and I said, “Excuse me, I need to reach right in front of you.”

You would think the world stopped spinning. Before the little girl could respond, the woman grabbed her by the shoulders and swung the child around behind her. The expression on her face spoke of rage. Pure and simple rage. She shoved the little girl forward, away from me, and glanced over her shoulder to shoot me a final, indignant glower. Then, she huffed, actually huffed, and stormed away with the two boys trailing.

All I could do was shake my head, watching them disappear around the corner.

Later, as I was telling my husband about the encounter, he said, "Isn't it amazing how easily offended offensive people can get?"

A new truism is born…

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  1. I bet if you'd have been male and touched her girl child, there'd been cries of "Help! Rape!" and Security called in a frenzy and police brought in and everything. Because, you know, all men are pedophiles and rapists.