Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Advertising on Facebook

I finally gave in and paid for an advertisement on Facebook.

Now, what's especially difficult about advertising, at least in my case, is the fact that I write ninety-nine cent ebooks. I don't sell 'widgets.' I don't even offer a hard copy of my books to put in your hand.

For a long while, I wrestled with what to do. Then I decided I wanted to make the cover recognizable. So, I uploaded that. It was rejected. The text totaled 44% of my image(?). According to their standard, it could not exceed 20%. Here's the rejected cover:

So, I put up a link.

The link connected to my blog post, which offered another link to Amazon, which offered the opportunity to purchase my ebook, McShane Mini-Mystery, The Trilogy of Thrills, a compilation of the first three ninety-nine cent ebooks of the series. How did having to click three separate links do, you might ask? Well, you might. C'mon! You might.

Okay, okay. It did a great benefit. For my JL Mo fb page (feel free to 'like' my page!). For the sales of my ebooks, not so much. But, as the spirit of the great Marketing God has been quoted, "it got my name out there." The stats on the fb page said that my five bucks got me 2,607 views (if you can believe that). I still didn't make enough to cover the five bucks.

The moral of the story? Well, 5 divided by 2607 is 0.0019 (that calculation is for those who have read the books). I couldn't buy that kind of audience, for that price, to see my name in any other forum that I know of.

So, I just keep writing, working, hoping, that one day, someday, maybe I'll make my five bucks back.

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