Thursday, September 17, 2015

Thanks John Oliver

On occasion, being a Floridian makes one the subject of ridicule. Much to my embarrassment, John Oliver's favorite target these days is Florida. To the point, a recent segment of his HBO program, Last Week Tonight, included the failure of Florida's judicial system.

The next day, a professor at a local university, Mr. Justin Stone, informed me that the State of Florida was the first to establish a Public Defenders Office. That restored my faith (a little).

Then yesterday , as if in answer to this scathing attack, Orange-Osceola Chief Judge Frederick Lauten quashed twenty-one thousand (yes 21,000) arrest records, and put an end to the debt-collection policy, effectively eliminating Florida’s Debtors Prison. Yeah, that’s a thing. Well, it was until John Oliver pointed his laser ray of humiliation on it.

On behalf of at least 21,000 people… Thanks, #LastWeekTonight


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    1. PeeWee commented on the lack of a comma between "Thanks" and "John Oliver". In my attempt to respond, I removed rather than replied. Ugh! Sorry, PeeWee.

      So, here's his original post.

      "And, tell me, how old are you?
      Shouldn't you put a COMMA
      between 'thanks [COMMA] John Oliver'?
      Do I gotta correct the WWW?
      God bless you..."

      As to the lack of comma, I debated that. Then, I decided, should I put the comma after "Thanks", it might appear as a closing. As if the man had written a note such as,

      Dear JL Mo,
      You are not permitted to use my name. Ever.
      John Oliver

      Not wanting to insinuate that the man actually came out of his fame bubble to address this lowly little blogger, instead I made it a sentence. And the title "Thanks John Oliver" was born.

      So, it was a conscious choice to not use the punctuation in it's proper form, as I would not want to be accused of forging false endorsement from a celebrity.

      But, since this post has established that no endorsement has been made, or will be forthcoming (even if fantasies could become reality) I will now use the proper little punctuation.

      Thanks, John Oliver.

      You're welcome, and God Bless your continued endeavors to eradicate the improper use of punctuation on the web
      ~JL Mo

      PS, I'm 54.

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