Saturday, November 5, 2011

She's Gone

Dedicated to those who still have the opportunity to reach out and hug your mom. Some of us never can again.

A random sight
a flash of pain
stops me cold
reminds me
she’s gone

A child reaches
grasps its mothers hand
Both laugh, something between them
The sting of loss
Pierces my heart

Breath stolen
for a moment
I fight the tears
always hidden
Why now?

A mask, my brave expression
I have children of my own
never again my mother’s touch
I had it once
some never did

It’s hard to walk
harder to breathe
swallowing hard
smile at them
Don’t cry

Mother died, long ago
decades passed,
longer spaces between random waves
that returns me
to my mothers side

Knees find strength
I carry on
her final words
“You will be fine”

She’s gone

1 comment:

  1. Oh, what joy yet sorrow this brings to my heart. Good memories. Sad memories. And a joy that I am here right now for my children. I rejoice in every minute I have with them because I lost that with my mother years, 15 ago.