Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Surprise Easter Blessing

A Surprise Easter Blessing

While walking the dog on a beach in Florida one Saturday night, I pulled the phone out of my pocket to take a picture of the regal pose she struck while watching the waves.

The picture turned out lovely. Unfortunately...

The next morning I realized the small case containing my driver’s license and debit card was missing. We turned the house inside out searching for the blasted thing. We scoured the back and front yards, the street on which we walked to the beach the night before, and the area we walked of the shoreline. The case being a slim and small item, we agreed the thing must have slipped out of my pocket when I pulled out my phone. The cards were gone with the high tide.

At least, that’s what we hoped and prayed.

Identity theft was no small concern. The awful stories of what people suffered through due to thieves of the ilk weighed heavy on my mind. But, instead of posting a fraud alert on my credit accounts, I decided to only report the debit card lost, paying five dollars for its replacement, and paid twenty-five dollars to have my driver’s license replaced. Should any fraudulent activity occur, I could at least provide proof of the replacements.

Hope springs eternal.

We went back to Orlando that Sunday, hoping against hope that nothing more would come of my loss. On Good Friday, I picked up the mail. A letter size envelope with a young person’s handwriting, which I did not recognize, was in amongst the sale flyers and bills. The return address showed Grand Rapids, Michigan. Opening the letter, my small case with the lost license and debit card tumbled out. The letter read,


I found this in the ocean while visiting my Grandpa in Satellite Beach on 4/14/14. I hope that it finds its’ way back to you!


I wrote back a short thank you note and included a reward for K. The note still fell short of what I really wanted to say. To let K know just how wonderful she made me feel. About the faith in the next generation she instilled in me. About how when you believe things are truly lost, they just may find their way home again.

Thanks again, K. You are my surprise Easter blessing.

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