Friday, April 11, 2014

Marketing Marvels

In case you haven’t tried, it’s hard to write a book. It’s even harder to write a good book. That is to say, something others want to read that isn’t riddled with punctuation, spelling, and/or grammatical errors. But then, it’s damn near impossible to get people to buy your book. Therefore, marketing consumes most writers’ time that should be spent writing.

Book trailers are the latest, greatest way to promote one’s writing. A fellow author in my workshop, Bonnie Milani, has written a book entitled "Home World". She has the added benefit of being in the business of theater. (Yes, you read a tinge of jealousy in that last line.) Anyway, she is talented, and the following video is her 30-second version of the full-length book trailer. The full version is 2 1/2 minutes. It is pretty cool.

While watching it, you may think, ‘When is this movie coming out?’ Well, if sales go well enough, maybe soon? In the meantime, this fabulous piece of film is strictly a promotion for her novel, Home World.

 Home World (30 second trailer) by Bonnie Milani

 Check it out…and then check out her book.

Someday I might have the means to create a book trailer for my  McShane Mini-Mystery Series.

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  1. Blessed art thou among bloggers, O most glorious J LO! You are absolutely the BEST!
    Bonnie Milani