Friday, April 4, 2014

Facebook Strikes Again

Facebook Strikes Again

I'm a realist. One life lesson I've imparted to my children is "Privacy is a thing of the past. Deal with it." I still take the precautions I can, but the entities have their way around our paltry, pitiful defenses. I still try to make it a little difficult for them. So, when I get those messages about how the corporations and/or government is monitoring us, all I can do is shrug.

This morning I read an article in USA Today advising five things to do on your facebook page for your privacy's sake. The first was clearing all your searches, and that made perfect sense to me. So I decided to check it out. The first item became the first problem. The article explains how to go to the activity log and clear all the searches so fb won't have this info to sell to their advertisers. The problem? The referenced "Clear All Searches" under "Activity Log" doesn't exist on my page. Instead, I can only access one item at a time and unlike, thereby removing it from my timeline.

I wonder, was the author wrong, or has the machination of facebook already covered their loss of information by simply removing one option? Do you have any idea how many posts you've liked? Check it out under Activity Log. I bet it's a bunch. I'd be sitting here all day doing that. I pretty sure fb was counting on that.

Here's a link for you to try your hand at thwarting the monster. 5 Facebook Tweaks to Make Right Now -

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