Saturday, October 20, 2012

Florida Writer Conference Poets Challenge

I'm at the FWA conference, and learning so much. The wonderful people who participate in teaching their fellow writers have been amazing! I have learned that I have so much to learn!

One of the workshops I planned to attend, "Let's Write Poetry!" sounded fun. If you know my writing, you know I dabble in poetry, but I do not claim to be a poet. The following exercises prove my point (I think)...

The prompt given was a list of "Thesaursus Sentences". More than one used the word 'golden'. That brought to mind the conversation my husband and I had when visiting California recently. They are expereincing a serious drought, and all of the golden waves were dead grass. Here's the result of my poetry through prompt.

California should have golden grains
Not so
California is drought stricken
The golden grass
is dead

Then another prompt was a list of the most bizarre words. We were supposed to come up with a poem using at least one of these words on every line. Here's my attempt.


I'm lost in labyrinth
Life shows no kindness
The day now ends
Frustration meets evening

Shadows grow
twilight beckons
indigo eyes
call me home

In the shelter of his arms
smoldering passions wake
our hearts merge
souls balance in joy

My life is fulfilled.


In my defense, it was held at 7am. I better get back to the conference. I've got a lot to learn!

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