Friday, October 12, 2012

What is Sin? (One Humble Christian's Definition)

 Original sin is a misnomer. A baby is no more steeped in sin at birth than a boulder is when it falls from the mountain, IMHO. What a ridiculous concept.

What is sin? Sin is a wrong I committed that separated me from God. When the Holy Spirit touches my heart about something I have done, I know it. The sin I committed must be atoned. I will not share the specific things I’ve been spiritually reprimanded for, but how about an example instead?

Let’s say I’ve cheated on my taxes. I took a deduction that I shouldn’t have. It’s a minor thing that everyone does, right? Well, for me, the pressure does not relent. It weighs me down. Not the concern for ‘getting caught’, but the knowledge that I was not honest. I am a born-again, saved Christian. I’ve been told to “go and sin no more” and the Good Lord knows I’m trying. Now this sin has me lying in bed at night, staring at the ceiling. That is the result of my own sin.

I am willing to bet that you can relate, on some level, with something you have done that has kept you awake, staring at the ceiling.

And this is the point where people without faith; without the knowledge of the Holy Spirit working in their lives becomes virulent...There is Spiritual forgiveness. There is peace offered. The sin (whatever that sin was) separated you from the Perfect Being. Have your children ever disappointed you? Did you turn away from them (sent them to their room, whatever), even for a moment? So your sin disappointed God, and He has sent you to your room.

We are all His children of course, but He has a Perfect Son. I can turn to the Father, through His Son, and receive forgiveness. My separation, my sin, is taken from me when my heart is truly repentant. I acknowledge the sin, I ask forgiveness, and it is granted. I do not need a Pope, or Imam, or even a Preacher. All of the text in all of the books in all of the Bibles cannot explain this Spiritual reconnecting to those who cannot understand.

Of course, it won’t save me from the IRS, or any other of man’s retribution. That will be mine to suffer. But my heart will be made whole.

The cost of sin is Death. The cost of forgiveness was paid with His Perfect Life, sacrificed.

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