Monday, January 14, 2013

The End of a Conversation

            Yesterday, I enjoyed having lunch with a group of friends. We sat at an outside table at a restaurant on the St. John’s River. The place was packed, and why not? It was a glorious day. The sun shone in a magnificent blue sky on an unusually warm afternoon in January. The day would be called perfect, even by Florida standards.
            The friends, the sights, the sounds, all combined to make the day incredible. Boats on the water, birds singing, glasses clinking, and happy conversation with friends I love. For icing on the cake, an acoustic duo played the music of Jimmy Buffet.
            I will admit I could barely hear the person speaking next to me. He had reached the end of his story as the music got louder. So I leaned in closer with a few others listening, and when he finished we all leaned back, laughing at the punch line of his tale.
            A lull in the conversation took place at that moment, as the music decreased in volume. Not realizing the relative quiet soon enough, two friends at the other end of the table were laughing hard as one offered the punch line of his own tale. “The whips and chains were really unnecessary.”
            I would love to have been listening to that conversation!

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